Me and my boyfriend contracted COVID. I contractes the virus first, with being a nurse and caring for patients with the virus. Then my boyfriend ended up with it, since we did share saliva and the same bed.

We kept isolated from the world. The thing that really upsets me is that we wanted to keep the news of having COVID to ourselves and only close relatives. Some how the whole town, no the whole county we live in knew we had the virus.

I found out more and more people messaging me asking if we were feeling better,etc. …

By Zaina Starr

"Where ever you are, be all there."-

Jim Elliot

Life gets hard. It's not meant to be easy. It reminds me of an old curvy country gravel road. It shakes you up along the way while you navigate your way to be prepared for every sharp turn. Once we have mastered that curvy country road through experience, we begin to cruise that road smoothly and with speed. Life is just like that road. We learn to maneuver our way through life more smoothly and swiftly with perserverance. We have to remain all there through the whole ride.

By Zaina Starr

I remember when,

I received the call,

The call that changed my life.

I remember when,

I saw the nurse,

Hands grasped, tightly,

Around an ambu bag.

I, hurriedly,

Grabbed my phone,

And began phone tag.

I remember when,

The ambulance rushed south,

Doctor said,

"Her brain won't stop swelling!"

No words could escape my mouth.

I remember when,

I saw you,

A machine breathing for you,


Nothing good

Could come of this.

All I knew,

My baby sister, Sami,

Was only sixteen.

What a lot for a mother to miss.

I remember when,

I waited…

By Zaina Starr

What do women want? I can not speak for all women. I am a woman and I can speak for myself. I do know what I want. It's every man I've already had, I do not want. I didn't choose them and they didn't me. At thirty years old, here I am, single.
I am told by many, male and female, that I'm beautiful, and given compliments, all physical. A match to my would and attitude. I've connected them but there's always an obstacle that interferes either in my life or theirs, and the relationship never lasts. I'm…

By Zaina Starr

A good person. What is that? Who is that? Not anyone I know. People are never who they say they are. People never make things better for anyone. They always make your life worse. People lie to get what they want.
People are never who they say they are. I have not met one person who has lived up to their promises to me. And I always believe them, like a dumb ass. I give up on them because they broke their promise and broke my heart. How is that a good person? It’s not.
People never make things…

"Let us dare to write about those things we think but do not say, or avoid thinking about entirely."

By Zaina Starr

When songs are played, they move us to respond a certain way by the emotions they bring out of us. Those emotions are triggered by a memory we have attached to the song. Some memories are good and some sad or bad.
All the memories allow us to express all sorts of emotions that heal us from the inside out. It is good to spend time in each emotion, it provides the answers to the problems we have been dealing with. Instead of keeping them all bottled up inside, ready to explode.
People do not fall in love…

By Zaina Starr

“The worst part of mansplaining is that when you’re busy telling a woman all about her business, you’re missing out on the opportunity to learn something from her.
-Shaunta Grimes, Medium An Urgent Message for Mansplainers Everywhere

Mansplaining, what all men are highly intelligent at. Telling a woman all the things she did wrong and none of the things she did right. When what a man should be focused on is the opportunity to learn something from a woman. Women are packed with many ideas and shortcuts in life that it is quite remarkable. Most women don’t…

By Zaina Starr

“We go back and forth between second thoughts and second chances.”
-Poem Heaven, Twitter

Our second thoughts are the second chances. That is all it should ever be, is second thoughts. There should never be second chances with an ex spouse. No one should never go backwards. Always learn to move forward. An ex spouse became an ex for a reason, either you didn’t respect them enough to be privileged to stay in their life, or vise versa.
That is where we all screw our lives up more than what should have been. The sadness in our hearts…

By Zaina Starr

“Sometimes people are beautiful, not in looks, not in what they say, just in what they are.”

There are many people that society can count on that still demonstrate those random actions of kindness. Those people are chained to the melody of paying it forward. That’s the true greatness of being a giver. They give and never expect any favors in return “a true giver”, which is one of the gifts the Holy Spirit provides. These people receive joy or pleasure by giving to others. That happiness or pleasure they receive by giving to others helps move…

Suzanne Marie Punch, aka "Zaina Starr

I am a writer. I write poetry and articles on Medium. I strive to be the different one in the crowd. Follow me.

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