Game Over

By Zaina Starr

"Where ever you are, be all there."-

Jim Elliot

Life gets hard. It's not meant to be easy. It reminds me of an old curvy country gravel road. It shakes you up along the way while you navigate your way to be prepared for every sharp turn. Once we have mastered that curvy country road through experience, we begin to cruise that road smoothly and with speed. Life is just like that road. We learn to maneuver our way through life more smoothly and swiftly with perserverance. We have to remain all there through the whole ride.

Keeping your head in the game of life is what it takes to succeed and not bleed. Stress, drugs, mental diagnoses, and the people we surround ourselves is the key factors to learn to better manage. All these factors damage our minds, our personalities, and our chances of succeeding.

Trial and error. The only way to learn to manage those key factors. For some, this can take many years, sometimes a lifetime. It's all about how the cards are dealt and the way they are played out. The player of the game also play an important role. Only better to manage life is with trial and error.

To succeed, everyone needs patience and love. Without the two its quite extremely difficult to manage or even defeat. With love anything is possible. Love is patient and love is kind. The recipe to conquer life by the balls and bringing it down to our level.

Grasp ahold of your demons, hold on tight, and throw them down under your feet. Now that's defeat! Keep your head in the game, smile, keep your head up, like you have no shame. Life is manageable.

"Game Over."-

Zaina Starr

Suzanne Marie Punch, aka "Zaina Starr

I am a writer. I write poetry and articles on Medium. I strive to be the different one in the crowd. Follow me.