I Love You

By Zaina Starr


"She will remember the moments you made her feel loved more than the times that you said, “I love you.”

-Poem Heaven, Twitter

That there, gentlemen, notice that I said gentlemen, is the key to a woman’s heart. This message is specifically for gentlemen only. All other men do not care enough to even read the message, let alone follow through with it.
A man’s purpose in life is to win over a woman’s trust or heart slightly enough for him to succeed with the sexual relations that he desires. It is only natural for men to think narrow minded. Their brains are programmed genetically to do just that.

A woman’s brain is quite the opposite in seeking what they desire, and that is respect, love, affection, honesty, a sense of caring. Which all of those factors lead right upto sexual relations in the end.
Women and men have different desires for one another, but they learn to work together to gain a sense of success for each other to have fulfilled their own desires in the end. To continue those desires they both need to understand that it is a long term commitment to work together in a harmony or a unity for their desires for one another to continue without conflict.

Conflict is the deal breaker, always. One or both learn to slack slightly enough for one or both to become upset or angry, creating conflict. Anger and jealousy are the root cause of any and all conflicts.
Learn to repair relationship conflicts, rather than start over in another relationship. Starting over is a lot of work. It is like returning back to school for further education. Have to learn or study another person to have success.

If you want to know if you love someone, study them for awhile, then take a break. Then you will know if you do love them. Love doesn’t die easy. Lust does. Lust turns into love. Never does love turn into lust.
Relationships fail from boredom also. Set limits and set rewards for each other to eliminate boredom. Be willing for change and challenge.

It is not a good relationship if it isn’t worth fighting for in the end. In the end, that’s the true beauty…



Suzanne Marie Punch, aka "Zaina Starr

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