Keep Your Happiness in Your Own Pocket

By Zaina Starr

"Never put the key to your happiness in somebody else's pocket."

You are responsible for your own happiness. Not everyone wants or even cares to see or make sure you're happy. Not everyone has the same heart as you do. Not everyone thinks the same way as you either. This I have witnessed and experienced myself. 
It always seems that anything, like hobby wise, that actually makes me happy or excites me in a positive way, the men I have dated become jealous of it. They want to keep me from whatever draws my attention from them. I truly do not understand it.
When someone loves someone they love to see the one that they love happy. They never want to see each other sad or upset. That is what love is about. Making one another happy. When one is preventing the other from being happy, that is jealousy and that alarms me.
Jealousy is destructive to all relationships and all people. Jealousy is the root cause of almost all murders. If people could lean to weave out the jealousy from their relationships, people would get along better. People would be joyful. The world could be a better place.
If someone is deteriorating your happiness, learn to keep your happiness in your own pocket. It could save a life someday. Shun all evil and seek to do nothing but good. The key to success and happiness. Remove the jealousy.

Suzanne Marie Punch, aka "Zaina Starr

I am a writer. I write poetry and articles on Medium. I strive to be the different one in the crowd. Follow me.