The Betrayed, the Loyal One

By Suzanne Marie Punch

They betrayed the loyal one. Staying loyal throughout the whole relationship was the key, the goal, respect. What is expected of anyone in any relationship. That was me.
Loyal I stayed, yet to be deceived and betrayed by the person I had developed a relationship with. The respect was not there. The honesty and guidance was gone also. The relationship that was my reality, turned out to be a fantasy of two.
I ended up with physical bruises and broken bones. Emotionally, I was unstable, due to the anxiety and depression that now followed. Sexually abused in the most comforting place to be, sleeping. A nightmare that threw my breathing body into darkness.
Struggling to defeat the chaos that I had endured over the past year, I felt defeated. Recovery from this dark adventure was betrayal to my loyalty.
I betrayed my own loyalty to defeat the darkness and grasp for a new beginning in the light.

"Sometimes in the darkest skies we can see the brightest stars.”-
Richard Evans



Suzanne Marie Punch, aka "Zaina Starr

I am a writer. I write poetry and articles on Medium. I strive to be the different one in the crowd. Follow me.